This Trading Pattern Made Me

The Most Money in 2022...

New trader turned $5,000 to $103,850 in 4 months using this simple pattern

A 3-step chart pattern is responsible for making me the most money trading in 2022.

I call it the Reversal Setup because it allows you to capture the market at key turning points.

Using this pattern I was able to capture trades like this one on AMD, 4-hour chart...

The horizontal line you see down there is the price level that our setup produced. 

Price came down and hit our level. We bought shares of AMD which worked out really well in our favor. 

The risk to reward was 5 to 1. For every $1 invested we made $5 back.

Same setup formed on Nasdaq Futures, 1-minute chart...

The pattern gave us our high-probability level to buy, price came down, hit the level and bounced instantly for a really nice profit.

And this one on Tesla, Daily chart...

Tesla hit our level, bounced and started a massive rally that lasted the entire year.

Giving us an 11 to 1 risk to reward trade. 

If you had invested, $1,000 on this trade, you made $11,000 back.

The beautiful thing about trading is that is super scalable

So with this same trade, same amount of effort you could have invested $10,000 and got $110,000 back.

That’s the power of trading very high probability setups.

It works the same on all time frames so you can use it for day trading, swing trading or even invest long term.

Those are not cherry-picked examples. They are actual trades we took with this setup.

It is extremely high-probability. Probably the pattern with the highest win-rate I've seen.

And it repeats on all markets, on all time frames every single day.

Watch the video below to learn how to trade the Reversal Setup step-by-step...

This pattern works extremely well but it is only 1 of the 4 setups of my full strategy.

Trading is a business. A real business needs a business plan.

The strategy I've been using for the past 5+ years to trade profitably is my business plan.

It includes 4 high-probability trade setups:

1. The Reversal Setup - Great for catching turning points in the market, as I showed you in the videos above.

2. The Extension Setup - Allows me to join ongoing trends at the lowest risk point possible.

3. Convergence of Interests - Ultra effective way to enter trades when one side of the market fails, allowing me to profit from it. My personal favorite.

4. Source Point - Shows me where BIG players in the market (banks, hedge funds etc.) are positioned. So I can go in the same direction as the smart money.

This is what happened to a losing trader when he learned my FULL strategy...

This person was consistently losing money for 14 months before I showed him how to trade.

I was exactly like him when I started.

My first 3 years of trading was me bleeding money left and right. 

I was trying everything. Reading books, watching videos, trying indicators. EVERYTHING!

And NOTHING worked.

Only by trial-and-error I managed to discover and optimise the 4 setups that turned me from a losing trader to consistently profitable for the past 5 years.

Out of all the huge amount of trading information online. Only these 4 setups made me profitable. 

I want to teach them to you...

I've created a Masterclass on High-Probability Trading in which I teach my FULL trading strategy from start to finish.

I've been through hell to come up with this strategy that works. You are now able to simply learn it and start applying it.

Here's what you will learn in the course...

The course is very detailed because I want to give you everything you need to trade successfully.

It includes 46 videos divided in 9 modules spanning over 17+ hours of content.

On top of all that I also created the Trade Reviews series. It includes a TON of real-world examples of the setups in action to help train your eye to see them.

Here are the details...

The Masterclass and the Trade Reviews series are a total value of $6,000. The regular price for this package you can find on my website is $1,999.


Today only you can get the full System Levels Suite at a 65% discount for just $699.


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What's in the course?

Let's have a look. This is what you'll learn in modules 1-3...

Then in modules 4-6 you'll discover...

And finally this is what's included in modules 7-9...

So in the end you will have gained a complete trading education

You'll be ready to trade the System Levels strategy 100% on your own without depending on anyone else.

This is what prior students of the System Levels Masterclass have to say about it...

The experiences of my students you read above are NOT TYPICAL!

The truth is that 95% of traders LOSE MONEY trading!

This is why...

As You Can See...

The System Levels Strategy Has Already Helped Many Others Become Consistently Profitable Traders...

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?


You missed out!

Regular Price: $1,999

Today's Price: $699

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  • Price Action Masterclass 17+ Hours 46 Videos

Module 1: The Truth About Trading (2 Videos)

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Module 3: The Extension Setup (6 Videos)

Module 4: Convergence of Interests (4 Videos)

Module 5: True Support & Resistance (7 Videos)

Module 6: Secrets of Price Action (8 Videos)

Module 7: Pro-Level Risk Management (5 Videos)

 Module 8: Your Complete Strategy (3 Videos)

Module 9: Live Trade Examples (5 Videos)

  • + Extra Downloads (10 Files)
  • Bonus Trade Reviews & Q&A - 15 Videos
  • Bonus Setup Examples Chart Gallery

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Thanks for taking the time to learn the Reversal Setup in the free video training we had above and reading about the Masterclass.

Teaching others how to trade is very important to me because I wish I had someone to show me exactly what to do when I was starting. It would have saved me 3 years of my life and hundreds of thousands of losses.

I hope to see you in the course so I can teach you my working strategy and everything I know about the markets.

Thanks and take care,
Dimitris from System Levels

Have Some Questions?

I have answers! Make an informed decision before you sign up.

I'm new to trading, will i be able to follow the course?

Yes, the strategy in the course is explained in clear terms that new traders can also understand. The course start with simple concepts and it introduces more advanced concepts as it progresses. So you are building your level of understanding as you go through the course.

Having said that, some very rudimentary understanding of trading is needed. If you have questions like "what is a stock", "what is day trading", "what is a broker", "what is short selling" then you won't find those answers in the course simple because they are very basic and you can easily find quick answers on Google.


How long until I start seeing results?

That depends entirely on you. You can finish the course in a few days or a few weeks depending on your pace. Once you learn the strategy it's up to you to start implementing it and start building up experience. Some of our members were able to get to consistent profitability within a few weeks, others needed 3+ months. It really depends on your available time and dedication.


Do i need any special tools or software?

The only requirement is that you use the free Google Chrome browser to access the Masterclass. The video player works only on Chrome. 

Other than that, you will just need to have access to any charting software that you prefer. I use TradingView in the course videos and during the livestreams but you can use any platform you prefer. We are trading pure price action so we are not using any special indicators or software at all.

How can I contact you?

Do you have more questions about our service? You can send us your questions by clicking on the "Support" button at the bottom-right of your screen. We generally respond within 1 business day.


You missed out!

Regular Price: $1,999

Today's Price: $699

or 4 monthly payments of $249

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