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Buy On Blue. Sell On Red.

Profit From Day One

Add the AutoTrend System on your chart and it will analyze the price action for you instantly.

When it detects a change in trend it will alert you with a sound so you can act quickly.

What About Results?

Our users are absolutely killing it with the AutoTrend System! Here are just a few of them...

This Is How It Works

Buy On Blue. Sell On Red.

The Simplest Way To Trade

Just look at the charts below. The one on the left is a standard chart of Apple ($AAPL) and on the right is the same chart but with
AutoTrend System added. See the difference?

On a standard chart there's no way to tell when to enter a trade and when to exit for maximum profit.

AutoTrend System gives you clear signals so you are never in doubt while capturing the largest chunk of every move.

Maximize Your Returns. Every time.

Never leave anything on the table again.

Do you often enter a trade, it goes in your favor and you take profits only to see it go much farther without you? AutoTrend System keeps you in the trade until the full trend is over, helping you maximize your returns every time. No more leaving anything on the table. 

A Simple Trading Strategy. Completely Built-in.

Buy here, sell here. Profit and done!

AutoTrend System is not just an indicator. It is a full trading strategy, complete with entries, exits and trade management fully built-in for you. You will never have to guess what to do next or depend on anyone or anything else to make money trading. 

Keeps Losses Small.

Lets Winners Run.

Have more, bigger green days and fewer, smaller red ones.

Ask any professional trader and the first thing they will tell you is to cut losing trades fast while letting your winners run. The AutoTrend System does exactly that for you.

1Min, 15Min, 1Hour, 1Day?

Works On Any Time Frame.

Do you like the action of day trading or maybe the calm of swing trading? How about long term investing?

No matter your time frame, AutoTrend System works on all of them.

Let's Compare...

Trying to trade the regular way takes years of painful trial-and-error, losses and let's face it: 90% of people who try to trade fail. AutoTrend System gives you a complete system that you can start using immediately...

Trade Examples

See the AutoTrend System in action! View more examples on our Twitter & YouTube pages.




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